Friday, November 30, 2007

Favorite Foto Friday

This FFF is for both Aiden and his big sis, Kelsey. Kelsey and Domo are by far Aiden's most favorite people to hang out with and right now things aren't going well for his two favorite people. Aiden wants his big sis and Dip- uh- dee to know we love them and everything will work out as long as you keep fighting for what you really want. Keep your head up guys.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

How can I get mad?

You know those days when if you hear your child be selfish one more time you will pull your hair out? Aiden's favorite word right now is "my" which is his version of mine. He will get mad at his sisters for touching one of his toys and look at them and scream "my"or he will get mad at the cat for laying on his blanket and scream "my". Well I was getting him dressed today and when I stood him up to pull up his pants he put his little arms around my neck and kissed me and said "my mommy". How can I get mad at that?

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy 2nd Birthday Aiden

I know this is suppossed to be a post about Aiden's birtday but mommy is having a sad day accepting that her babies are getting older and her youngest baby is now two. Where does the time go? My oldest daughter is a senior in highschool and will be graduating and heading off to college next fall, my stepdaughter will be getting her license any day now and my youngest daughter is into stealing "my" makeup and shoes, and then we have little Aiden who I want to put in a box so he can't get any bigger. I don't want my kiddos getting older and growing up.

I have also had Aiden's birthmother on my mind all day today....wondering how she is feeling today knowing that the baby she placed for adoption to give a better life, is now a toddler and she won't get to watch him grow up and become a man. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Angelica for choosing life for "our" precious son. We love him more and more every day. He is the joy of so many people's lives and "you" Angelica are just as special and loved by all of us as "our" Aiden.

Ok guys, sorry for being so down on such a great day as Aiden's birthday. I have said my piece and will now move onto the pictures we were able to get today.

Aiden in his birthday suit

This is a hideous picture but I thought it

was funy with all of us in the different

hats that Aiden put on us.

You can't tell in this picture but his shirt says

"Birthday Boy' and the truck is carrying

birthday candles

We had a very early lunch dinner thing at

Olive Garden with some of our family and then

headed home for cake and ice cream

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to

Aiden and cousin Joshua playing

Aiden got the biggest kick out of his cake and

blowing the candles out over and over again.

He would blow them out and then we had to

relight them probably 5 more times.

We never did get through singing all of Happy

Birthday before he would have them blown out.

Aiden sitting in the middle of the island opening

his presents

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Dip-uh-dee and Joseph

We decided when we got up today to take a road trip to watch big sister Kelsey's boyfriend, Dip-uh-dee(Domonique) wrestle and while we were close we visited with Aiden's foster brother, Joseph. Aiden and Joseph spent the first 8 months of their lives together and it just happens that they only live 2 hrs from us so we try and see them every few months. Dip-uh-dee went undefeated this weekend...yeah Dip-uh-dee, we are soooo proud of you. One of the two matches we got to watch.
This was a two day tournament.
Mommy, I thought you said I got to see Joseph.
When is he going to be here?

Here I am Aiden, did you miss me?

Mommy and Joseph's mommy let us chase each
other around the table since we were the only ones
in this section of the restaurant. They had a good
ole time.
Not quite sure what Aiden was trying
to do to Joseph in this picture.

The preview birthday gift.

Auntie Lisa and my girl Sophia sent me a birthday gift and mommy let me open it early. I conquered your Fort Knox wrapping Auntie Lisa. Mommy I got a present from my sweetie...I

am sooooo excited.

Mom why did she give me a box with a plastic

bag in it?

Oh mommy, look at all my neat Lightening

McQueen dishes. I got a plate, three bowls,

a big bowl and a cup. They are neat mommy.

If I swirl my cup around Lightening goes

around in a circle. Mommy this looks like

my snowglobe you won't let me play with.

Since my foods not on here, can I play with my


Thanks for my presents Sophia and family. We wish you guys were here to spend my birthday with me on Sunday.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Aiden's second Thanksgiving home

Today was Aiden's second Thanksgiving he got to spend with his forever family. We thank God everyday for this little guy and pray his Birth Mom knows how much he is loved by his entire family. Aiden coloring in his high chair while mommy

was cooking.

Look what Aiden got mommy.

The first flowers Aiden ever bought

me were dead so I was really impressed

with his choice this time around.

Daddy was chasing Aiden around the

kitchen table to get him to smile

Oh my gosh mommy and daddy, why are all

these people coming to my house

Aunt Lisa, Aiden, Uncle Johnny, and Lennon

Uncle Johnny and Cousin Lennon

chilling after their dinner

Mommy was laughing because Aunt Lisa

grabbed her so daddy could take a picture.

Mommy HATES the camera. Mommy says

to tell my other Auntie Lisa that she misses

her and hopes to spend New Years with her

Big sister Felecia

Big sister Kelsey rocking Lennon to sleep

Mommy walked in the living room to see this

mess and she just turned right back around and

walked out. No need to clean it until everyone

was gone.

Cousin Joshua being all gangster

Cousin Ben and Josh and big sister Felecia and

me playing cards

I tried to read cousin Lennon a book but he

just wanted to eat it.

Aunt Lisa, mommy and Uncle Ben having

pina coladas

It looks like Aiden is saying dear God please get

all these people out of my

Mommy was trying to psych herself up to go shopping in the morning to get a few more Christmas gifts but she says she is worn out after cooking for the last day and a half. The next big get together will be for Aiden's second birthday this Sunday, the 25th. Our baby will be the big two year old.....stay tuned for pictures of his big day spent with mommy's family.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Just wanted to give a shout out to everyone. This year like the past few that me and my husband have been married, we are having turkey day at our house. We combine both families and have one big get together. It also keeps us from having to run everywhere..LOL.

At this time of thanks we would like to thank Aiden's birthmother for giving us this wonderful opportunity to raise "our" beautiful son. Thank you so much Angelica. You will never know how much we love this little guy and the joy he has brought into our family.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone. We will try to post pictures tomorrow after all the festivities are over.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Aiden and the gang

Saturday we spent our day with the families we were in Guatemala with on our pickup trip. We went to an awesome place in Covington, Ky about an hour and a half away called Otterville. This place was really neat. It had an indoor play area with trains, puppet shows, building, grocery store, dress up, a water area.....which Aiden's mean mommy wouldn't let him play in, and much more. It also had an outdoor play area with many other things to do. I'm going to see all my peeps.
Aiden trying to warm up and on his way to the ball pit.

How the heck do I get out of this thing.



Arianna what happened to your hair?

Maria and big sister Iris.

Aiden, Clara and Chase. Why the heck is my sister
in my way playing with our toys?
Kyra played dress up and this is what she picked
to wear.
Aiden, Matthew and Jamie(Matthew's big sis)
These two were partners in crime all day.
Matthew. This little guy reminds me so
much of Aiden. I think their facial features
resemble alot of each other.
Aiden and Matthew working the assembly line
Kyra ballerina

This picture is really blurry but daddy likes it because
of the double vision of me. This was my attempt at
being a ballerina
Choo Choo going on a train ride and mommy hates
the way she looks in this picture.
Chase with his mommy and daddy....Shelley and Rick.
We aren't real sure what Rick is doing here
Big sister Clara trying to kill herself
on the slide.
Clara, Aiden and Chase