Friday, October 31, 2008

Favorite Foto Friday

Happy Halloween friends. The theme of the week for FFF is "Halloween" and we thought we would share Aiden's costumes that he has had through the years.
Aiden's first Halloween 2006. What a cute
puppy he made.
Second Halloween 2007. He was a monkey and
he was not happy about dressing up that
Halloween 2008. I am not
sure why this picture turned out
so small.
Aiden wasn't a happy camper when it came to trick or treating this year. He has had quite a few opportunities to get candy this year with all the parties he has been to so I am not sure if he was just done with the whole concept or what. He gets one more opportunity to trick or treat tonight with daddy when they go to a college basketball game...I really hope they have fun and he doesn't whine the whole time like he did last night.
It's sooo hard to believe that Thanksgiving is less then a month away and then we have Christmas in 2 months....UGGHHH!!! I am not sure I am ready for this already.
Have a safe and happy weekend my friend.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Monday, October 27, 2008

Guattot get together

We had the privilege of hanging out with some of Aiden's friends this weekend and what a blast we all had...good food and hanging out with others made for a very great day. Good ole blogger decided to place my pictures in the order it wanted to so sorry they are out of order. Maria, Cruz(our host), Aiden, Kyra and Iris

This picture cracks me up. These two played
the majority of the day together. If only we knew
what Aiden was thinking here.

Maria and her mommy Lisa

Kyra's parents, Ginger and Steve.
Please pray for these guys, they
have been waiting 9 wks
for Kyra's little brother's BC

Maria with her candy

Aiden trying to get some bad he
had a hole in his bag...LOL.

Allie finally busted it for all the little ones.

Aiden and Kyra


Aiden, Sender and Kyra


Our host again. Please pray for Cruz and his
mommy and daddy also. They are doing a
domestic adoption and have already had
one birthmother change her mind after they
had the little one in their arms for 4 days. Pray
they will be matched again soon.

A few other posts are below this.

Doing Laundry

Clara is home with the stomach bug today and decided to do some laundry so Aiden helped big sis seperate the clothes....and named each piece of clothing as he picked it up. Clara has shirt, pants and a boobie holder....LOL....goofy kid.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Boo at the Zoo

The past few days were quite busy this weekend. We spent time with a family and friends at different gatherings but at the last minute today we decided to head over to Boo at the Zoo with our friends Tony, Tara and Cruz. Poor Aiden was all out of sorts from missing his nap the past two days from going and going so he was quite the grump at first but once he realized he was going to get candy his whole attitude changed. Hope everyone else had a funfilled weekend too. Our little froggie
Aiden and Cruz takeing a break from the hay maze

posing in front of the three little pigs house

look at his puffy little frog lips.
I just want to smother him in kisses.

Cruz patiently waiting to ride the train.
Look for the post tomorrow on our get together
with all of Aiden's Guate tot friends.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Favorite Foto Friday-Carving pumpkins and spending time together

The theme of the week for FFF this week is "pumpkins" and yes this was actually posted on Wednesday but you guys aren't supposed to notice that...LOL. Since Kels and Dom moved back we have been spending LOTS of time together again as a family and what an AWESOME feeling it is. Now if only I could get her to actually move back home instead of having her own apartment....somebody please tell me why they grow up.

The kiddos have been wanting to carve pumpkins so good ole mom went and bought each of them one to carve and what a blast they all "seemed" to of had...LOL.
Aiden loving on his pumpkin
his interest in daddy carving didn't last
long...he ended up playing in the pond and
watering the flowers instead

Felecia and Clara cleaning pumpkin
guts out.

Kels and Dom. Kels didn't enjoy the goopy
feeling of the pumpkin guts...LOL

Mommy's little pumpkin


Playing in the backyard while
the big kids get finished with
their pumpkins

My kiddos and their finished pumpakins as
Aiden calls them

Pumpkin head.

I would of never thought to put Love on a
pumpkin but Kels sure did. I really like this
picture of them.

Dom is such a nerd...LOL.

Hope everyone is enjoying this nice Fall weather.

Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hanging out and making smores

Sorry I haven't kept up with blogging since Kels has been home but we have been busy preparing her new apartment for when she finally comes home for good on the 19th. I had a hard time accepting the idea that she wouldn't actually be coming "home" but I can understand her wanting her independence and wanting to stay out on her own like she has the past two months and at least she will only be 10 minutes away instead of 6 I just need to get through the next two weeks.

Other then painting, laying new floors and hanging out we haven't had to much time to just sit back and relax since she has been home so we decided tonight after she got back from being with my brother and his family that we would make smores. Hope everyone had a safe and relaxing weekend and all is well in your world. Enjoy.

Claradoodle enjoying the fire.

Blurry picture but one of the only pictures of me.
I think Clara was a little disgusted at this point..LOL.

What a smile. She looks so
beautiful with her pretty straight
teeth. Can someone please
tell her she needs her bangs cut?

Little man in deep thought

Kind of a neat picture.

This picture is hilarious. It looks like Kels is telling
Clara if she doesn't eat the marshmellow she is
going to shove it down her throat. She was
really just letting it cool before she ate it...LOL.
OHHH please ignore my red pajama pants....didn't
know Mr. Paparazzi(hubby) was going to take pictures.

Have a great week friends.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Favorite Foto Friday

Theme of the week is "Summertime Memories" and I couldn't just pick one so I picked one from each year we have had our beautiful, little guy home with us.
This was on our pick up trip in Aug of 2006. I
wish he was this small still.
Summer of 2007....hanging out by the pond.

and summer 2008 at the International Festival.
Have a great weekend everyone.