Sunday, April 27, 2008

The invasion of Guate tots

We spent Saturday with a few of the families we were in Guatemala with on our pick up trip and some of the others that we have asked to join us. Shelley, Rick and Chase have a new addition to their family, Caleb, and Ginger and Steve and Kyra are waiting their exit of PGN to bring Alex home. We get together with this group of friends a few times a year and look forward to the times to come. Enjoy the pictures that we were able to get when not breaking up the little disagreements of "mine" with the kiddos. One of the many attempts to get a picture of

all the kiddos.

Watch out Sophia, I think Aiden might have
another girl on the side. He says no one will
ever take your place though.

dancing in the front yard

Aiden loves Jamie. Jamie and her family are

getting ready to move and we are so bummed

about this.

Aiden and Matthew into something as usual

Sweet Arianna


Not sure what these two did to get their beads

There is another post below about Lennon for those who have asked about him.

Happy and feeling good

Thank you to all of you that were praying for our nephew Lennon. He seems to be doing really well and actually seems like a much happier baby.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Favorite Foto Friday

The theme for FFF this week is "Spring has sprung" and we couldn't be more happier for this to of happened. After a rough start to the week with Aiden having croup and double ear infections it was nice to finally be able to get out and get some fresh air and enjoy playing.

Tomorrow we are off to play with Aiden's friends that were in Guatemala with him.....YEEAHHHH!!!!.

Aiden is infatuated with bubbles right now. Any-
time we are outside he spends the majority of his
time playing with all his different bubble

Watching the fishies.

Picking the rocks out of the water that he
threw in.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

I have been Tagged by Lisa-Sophia's mommy

i am : Tired
i think: About peace and quiet all the time

i know: I will visit Guatemala again sometime
i want: to lose at least 20 lbs by summer
i have : constant chaos in my home...LOL
i wish: Gas prices were lower
i hate: self centered people

i miss: my friends that live far away

i fear: losing someone i love
i feel: aggravated

I hear : Disney Channel on the TV

i smell: Kelsey's perfume

i crave: some alone time

i search: For good deals
i wonder: What my kids will be when they grow up
i regret: a few things in life

i love: My Children
i ache:For Sleep right now=)
i care: too much sometimes
i always : go to target
i am not: a wild person...LOL

i believe: in love at first sight
i dance: only when alone

i sing: occassionally

i cry: When my feelings are hurt, mad or missing someone
i don’t always: speak my mind
i fight: when i am backed in to a corner
i write: when I have free time
i win: for having the best kids
i lose: playing cards
i never: smoke
i confuse:my own kids names sometimes

i listen: to all kinds of music
i can usually be found: at home outside
i am scared: of snakes
i need: quiet time
i am happy about: the way my children have turned out so far

i think : i have made great forever friends via adoption

Now I am tagging...


Greta Jo-

Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Night Out On The Town

Yesterday didn't go quite as planned for Kelsey and Dominique's prom but they made the best of it. It was 50 out and raining....hence no pretty outdoor pictures. My beautiful baby getting ready to leave

to get her hair and makeup done.

When she put this on and was

all put together it was as if I

was looking back to my senior

prom. I too wore this color

and my dress was sequined

like hers....not quite

as revealing as hers

She looks like she is already

tired of taking pictures here

The beautiful couple

Dom, Kels, Sam and Micheal. These are

some friends of Kels and Dom's. Sam is also a

wrestling manager and her boyfriend wrestles

at one of the area schools

Being goofy

I was nice enough to let them take my SUV so

that they all didn't have to pile into a little car.

I do have to say when they drove off I felt

as if a piece of my heart had been ripped out of

my chest....what the heck am I going to do

when she graduates in May and leaves for college

in August?

This picture warms my heart. She looks
so happy here.

I got to speak with Kels only breifly when she came in last night. They all came back to the house and changed clothes before going to an after prom party at the school. She was all smiley and they all seemed so happy. I can't wait to see the pictures from the actual prom and hear all the funny stories.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Outside play and fishing in the pond

UPDATE on Lennon: Talked with SIL and BIL a few times yesterday and Lennon is doing as expected. He has an incision that curves from the middle of his sternum and down his rib cage around to his back the way I am understanding.....they weren't real sure how many stitches he had but Lisa my SIL said it was ALOT. He was expected to be out of ICU today and moved to a regular room where he will stay until he is dismissed. She also said that the poor baby is in lots of pain and is given pain meds every hour to two hours. The entire time we were on the phone he was crying inconsolably which made me cry so I had to let them go. We hope to be able to visit on Sunday after the chaos of the weekend is over and I will let you guys know how he is doing then. Thanks again for all the prayers guys, they are pretty sure that they got all the tumor and Lennon will be back in full swing soon.

Onto some pictures of playing outside and cleaning out the watergarden.

He was actually smelling them instead
of pulling all the flowers off

His binoculars he had to have at the
store. He thinks its a "cheese"/camera

Kelsey's prom is today so all week we have been doing yard work since some of her friends are wanting to take pictures at our house. The kids helped Jody clean the pond out which consisted of them draining it and catching all the was quite the site watching them chase the fish all around.

Here fishy fishy

Being goofy and acting like they were going to
dive in.

OOPS looks like someone actually did fall in.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Favorite Foto Friday

The theme for this week is siblings. I have probably posted these before but its a rare occassion that all the kiddos are in a picture together so I chose them again. The first picture is of Aiden's first Christmas home in 2006...he was a year old and soooo tiny compared to now. Where in the heck did my baby go? The second one was taken the night we brought Aiden home and he was eight months in that picture. Hope everyone has a good weekend.

OHHH I have been trying to get ahold of my inlaws to check on Lennon and will update as soon as I know anything. Thanks again for the prayers guys.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wordless Wednesday and an update

UPDATE on our nephew: Please continue to pray for Lennon and my in-laws today. Lennon will be in surgery for 5 to 6 hours to remove the football sized tumor that is intertwined with his liver. Pray they get all of the tumor removed so he doesn't have to go through this again in a month....we do know that its not cancerous so thats a very good thing and also please pray for fast healing.

Now onto our wordless Wednesday pictures.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Please pray

Instead of the normal FFF post today I am asking for your prayers for my nephew Lennon. We don't know to much other then a mass was found in his stomach that is entangled in many of his organs. Other then having a very abnormally large belly for his age, he is 10 months, he seems to not be in any pain. The doctors said regardless of if its cancer or not they will still have to do some type of chemotherapy to hopefully get rid of or shrink the mass.

Lennon is the first child for my brother and sister in-law and they are having a hard time with this. Any and all prayers for our nephew would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Chalk line

We are LOVING this Spring weather and being able to be outside. Mom got the bright idea to get the chalk out after she was done watching Aiden try to kill the fish in the water garden in the backyard by beaming them with rocks. I am not real sure the chalk was any better of an idea though since there was more chalk on us then on the driveway. Outlining Felecia

Me and 3 of the kiddos. The sun was in

my eyes and we couldn't get Aiden

to look up.

I need some sun....glowing here.

Contemplating what kind of

trouble he can cause now

He must not of gotten

his way....look at that


Aiden is obsessed with flags so daddy let him play

with the big one.