Friday, May 30, 2008

Favorite Foto Friday

The theme for FFF this week is "pajama party". I had to really dig to find any half way decent This was taken on Aiden's 2nd bday...he had

dressed all of us in hats.

Pickup trip. He was 8 months old and sooo tiny

Pickup trip. Dad read him a book every night

before mommy rocked him to sleep.

Hope everyone has a good weekend....we are

off to meet Aiden's brother on Sunday.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Graduation and Partying it up!!!

They made it and we are sooo very proud of them. Way to go Kelsey and Dominique!!!! Now its off to the big world of college, jobs and life. Take care of each other and make wise choices.
Here are some pictures of graduation and the party. I got up bright and early to decorate Kelsey's car with writing and Enjoy.
Class of 2008

My beautiful baby girl...where
has the time gone? She still needs
to be climbing into my lap with
her blanket.

Kels, Dom and their sidekick
before heading to school for
their big day.

Heading out. I just want to lock my little girl
in her room and not let her grow up anymore.

My beautiful baby again.

I LOVE this collar Dom is wearing.
He acheived this when he was awarded
one of his scholarships

Dom's brother, mom, Aiden and I.

If you look you can see both of them
in this picture. Kels is holding the rose
and Dom is a roll back and over

The Class of 2008

Me and my baby

Kels, Clara and their daddy

Mom and her precious kiddos

Mom's oldest and youngest babies

Kelsey and Erin. These two have been friends
since kindergarten. Way to go guys for gradutating

Dom, his daddy, stepmom and little sister

Dom, Kelsey's daddy, and Kels

Some of the kiddos hanging out in the hottub

Clara and my nephews playing

Dom playing cornhoe with his little sister

Kels and Amber in a cake fight

All the guys ganged up on Dom and threw him
in the pool.....he definitely put up a good fight.

Mission accomplished.

Dom and Aiden taking it easy after everyone left.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

They Did It

CONGRATS Kelsey and Dominique!!!! YOU GUYS DID IT AND WE ARE SOOOO PROUD OF YOU TWO!!!! I promise to post more pictures of their day when I get time . I am off to finish cleaning for their joint 70+ person party tomorrow here at the house.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Favorite Foto Friday

The theme for FFF this week is "Just One". I picked this "just one" picture of my oldest baby Kelsey. This weekend will be packed full of graduation festivities as my beautiful baby graduates from highschool. Where has the time gone? There hasn't been a day that goes by since her prom that when I look at her it doesn't hit me that my baby has grown up and will be leaving in just a few short weeks to explore "her" world. I love you with everything I have Kelsey and I know you will go far in your life.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Guess Who

Is he not just the cutest little guy?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Brother update

Well since Natalie gave me the guilt trip of not updating I guess here goes...LOL. Via email and phone calls I have found that this little guys name is Kevin Estuardo and his birthday is Jan 23, 2007. He lives an hour and a half from us and although he is only actually a half brother, him and Aiden have many similarities. They have the same shaped eyes and nose but Kevin didn't get Aiden's spikey hair...his looks as if it lays down...LOL. I am going to ask his mom if she minds if we post a picture so you all can see what this gorgeous little guy looks like.

GUESS WHAT? we are actually getting together with Kevin and his family on June 1st for the boys to meet and get to know each other and we have promised to keep in contact and see each other as much as we can. We are so excited and as I said before I am very envious of Aiden for getting the opportunity to find a member of his biological family. I pray that they get many opportunities to be with each other and share in the trials and tribulations of their lives.

I am off to email Kevin's mommy now to see if I can post his picture.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

OMG, OMG, Guess what?

I get up this morning and check my emails like I do usually first off in the morning and I had received an email from a lady saying she thinks that her son is Aiden's jaw dropped. They only live approx 2 hrs from that not the neatest thing. As we email more back and forth things are starting to match up. Being adopted myself and having little to no info and no way of finding out if I have any birth siblings, made me cry my eyes out with excitement for that not just the best way to start the day?

Friday, May 16, 2008

Favorite Foto Friday

The theme for FFF this week is "Fun in the Sun". We are enjoying the warm weather and spend lots of time outside letting Aiden "pway".

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Clara's big 13 party

Well scatter brained mom remembered the camera but didn't remember to charge the batteries beforehand so we only got a few pictures. Clara and her friend's seemed to of had a great time being the typical goofy teenagers. I picked them up from school and they hung around the house until later in the afternoon when we went to dinner...of all places they picked Golden Corral. We then headed to the hotel where good ole mom had reserved two rooms that adjoined so that I could have at least a little peace and quiet when we were in the rooms. The girls swam for a few hours and then came and got showers and headed to the game room where they ran into of all things....boys that were staying at the same hotel for an archery club gathering. They did come back to the room at the time I told them and stayed up until 1:30 eating junk food mom had brought and playing games and cards.

I will tell you that when I went in to check on them I was very glad that I had chosen to have it at the hotel because their room literally looked like a tornado had hit it with all their clothes and things EVERYWHERE. I had forewarned them when we got to the hotel that before we could leave the next morning that all had to be picked up and the room had to look as it did when we got there...wish I would of taken before and after Well anyway enjoy the pictures we were able to take.

Clara, Kristin, Shelby and Sam chowing down

The girls before heading to the pool. Notice

Shelby's yellow teeth from her

I thought this picture was cute..I can see Clara

useing this one as her myspace picture.

The look on Clara's face is hilarious in

this picture....she was trying to help

Kristin up on Sam's shoulders.

This picture would be so much better

if I wasn't glowing and Aiden didn't

look like he had an