Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spring break and transmission

Spring break this year was spent in one of the families favorite places...Gatlinburg, TN. Our family, minus Felecia, and Dom's family rented a 5 bedroom chalet in the mountains and had one heck of a time. The kids did everything from the aquarium, watching movies in the theater in the chalet, making smores on the firepit, racing gocarts, going to the wax museum and playing in the creek to name a few things. We even had an Easter egg hunt while there. The downfall to the trip......the transmission going out on the SUV on the way down and having to spend the extra 2 days there and extra money....ugghhhhh. Front of our home away from home
back view

Me and my kiddos

I love it when he actually sits still long enough
to give me a hug and kiss

My baby at the aquarium

He was in total awe at the aquarium

Kelsey, Dom, Clara and Clara's friend Kristin

Easter bags and bowls on Easter

The gang before the Easter egg hunt. They weren't
to happy with us big people for waking them up so

Clara trying to outbeat Dom

I know I posted this before but I think this
is awesome with the Mayan temple and the
American flag together
Tiger I mean Aiden Woods.

Kels and Dom got the bright idea to do a
taste test thing at a salsa place...they were both
sick, crying and Kelsey's face went numb after
they tried it. Goofy kids.

The kiddos at the wax museum with Forest

Kels and Dom


He had the best time throwing rocks
in the water.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Aiden has been TAGGED by Caleb The rules are to right 10 random things about Aiden and then to tag 10 more people.

1). Aiden's all time favorite thing to eat is cheese

2.) My ex-inlaws claim Aiden as their one and only grandson

3). When one of Aiden's sisters or Daddy comes home at the end of the day he is literally bouncing off the walls with excitement to see them.

4.) Aiden's favorite toys right now are his trains, cars, planes and trucks and playing ball and playing with his two stuffed dogs.

5.) He loves playing in the water...pool, tub, hottub or puddles

6). Aiden is the youngest grandchild in our family.

7.) Aiden is an extremely picky eater....and wasn't when we brought him home so mom is in for a challenge

8.)When I smile my dimples are so charming that mom says the girls will be a calling stole this from Katie

9.) Aiden fulfilled a dream mommy be able to adopt a little one and give them the good life she had since she was adopted.

10). Aiden loves to traumatize the cat and dog by chasing them through the house with his vacuum or the laundry basket....meanie.

I tag:
Greta Jo

For those of you that have already done this sorry.

FFF is below this post.

Favorite Foto Friday

Theme of the week for FFF is "the eyes have it." I love looking into this little guys deep brown eyes and wondering how he views his world.

I think this picture is really neat with the Mayan
temple in the back and the American flag.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Favorite Foto Friday

FFF theme of the week is Easter. These were taken last year at my family Easter gathering and I have to apologize but apparently hubby was focused on me and everyone else but I do remember that Aiden was not a happy camper that day since we had been running around from one gathering to another all day. Anyway here are a few pictures I was able to find. Hope everyone has a safe and happy Easter. Me, my daddy, little brother and mommy.
Kelsey and family friend Neith

Kelsey and nephew Ben

Kelsey and nephew Joshua

Me and my little brother Ben...what a hideous

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hanging with my sistwerp

Little man was missing so when mom found him he was all tucked in to big sistwerp's bed watching Happy Feet. I opened the door and he got a big grin on his face and waved at me. I just want to squeeze him to pieces. This is actually one of his favorite places to be and he LOVES hanging out with Kelsey.
Other then that there is nothing new going on in the house besides trying to get things together for our spring break trip. Hope all is well with everyone.
Mom I am actually being good in here. I haven't
even gotten in the dog bowl yet.
Kels making her list on what to pack. Mattie had
to get in on the picture too.

My babies. I love you guys.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Favorite Foto Friday

Sarah has set the theme of the week as "Spring Fever" and we definitely have it in this house. I have already posted the majority of the spring pictures we have taken recently so these are from last spring while daddy and Aiden were waiting for big sis Felecia to get out of church. This little guy is my sunshine and he melts my heart more and more everyday. Thank you God for bringing him to our lives.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Some new threads

Mommy has slowly been buying new spring and summer clothes for my gorgeous baby and when I buy them I have to try them on him...of course on his time though. Thanks Julia for the tip off on the Gymboree sale...mommy will now be heading to that site...LOL. I tell Aiden on a daily basis that he gets
more gorgeous each and every day. I just
want to squeeze him to pieces.
Not real sure about this one...what do you
guys think?

Uhhhh mom, where is my shirt?

OHHH please excuse the hellacious

mess that someone made.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Snow snow go away

Alright we are done with this white stuff and ready for the Spring warmth and flowers. We had 15 plus inches of this crud with the snowdrifts being God only knows how high. We took Aiden out in it while we shoveled the drive and walk way and he only lasted about 10 mins and once the snow got in his gloves he was not a happy camper so mommy had to bring him in and cuddle him in blankets and give him some warm milk. Enjoy the few pictures we were able to get of him.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Favorite Foto Friday

Today's theme is suppossed to be pictures taken from a year ago. I am pretty sure these are close to a year ago...need to make a mental note to start putting the dates on them and not just naming the folders. Anyway these were taking at Chuck E. Cheese when we were there playing one day. He is soo tiny in these pictures. I look back at that time and it seems like it was just yesterday. He has thinned out and no longer has his round, chubby little face. My baby is growing into a little boy.
Happy Friday everyone. Have a safe and good weekend. Hugs.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Monday, March 3, 2008

Accident prone and hanging out.

Not to much to report on besides my falling out of the attic. With the nice weather we have had the past two days I got the bright idea to clean the garage out and put some of the stuff that had been drug out of the attic away. I climbed the ladder to the attic and had my hands full and I guess I lost my footing and dropped everything in my hands shattering it and cut my arm, elbow and hit my chin on each step as I was coming down. I am amazed I didn't bust my teeth out....wouldn't that be a sight. I also twisted my foot....the one I chipped the bone in a few years back and never had set. Sheesh.

I also spent my afternoon in the emergency room with Kelsey. She fell down the steps the other day and we thought she just landed wrong but apparently she tore the ligaments in her knee and is now in a brace for the time being....I think we need to just park our butts on the couch and not do anything for a while...LOL.

This past weekend was spent catching up on things and hanging out. Onto the goofy pictures.

I LOVE his big brown eyes and puffy lips.

Is he sexy or what?

Aiden says this is me....I really hope I don't look

like an ear of corn with glasses on....LOL.

Showing Cousin Lennon some love

This little guy is 2 yrs younger then

Aiden but weighs the same amount.